Professional School of Mealhada- Portugal

The Professional School of Mealhada is located in the Municipality of Mealhada, in the District of Aveiro, which is in the sub-region of Baixo Vouga. Our School is geared to vocational training and education since 1991. It aims to train highly qualified intermediate levels, equivalent to the European Union Level IV, in areas of critical importance to the local and regional areas’ industrial and business needs. 258 students between 15 and 21 years old attend the school. Besides the Headmaster, there’s a Pedagogical Director, a Psychologist, 31 teachers and 22 other people in different departments and to take care of maintenance of school.

The following courses are offered: : Computer and Management, Computer Systems Equipment, Accounting, Electrical Equipment Installation, Industrial Automation, Design/Technical Drawing, Tourism, Thermals, Refrigeration, Renewable Energy, health care, Mechatronic and Restoration (Culinary and waitressing).

The local economy is largely based on the catering industry, wine production and – recently – an industrial zone, which does not imply a high level of income. Many of the School’s students are from low income families and this group will be an intrinsic part of the Project. We have many contacts and partnerships related to vocational learning through local and national networks as well as through EU Comenius projects. In this way, our school is open to our town community and a lot of extra curriculum activities, competitions, conferences, contests, projects are held at school to involve students, their parents, social partners and other school community members. So being in this project, our students will have a great opportunity to learn more about other countries and cultural awareness. It will also greatly motivate them to be engaged in teamwork in order to collaborate with others students across Europe and to improve foreign language to be eager to this intercultural exchange opportunity with their project partners and, of course, showing the respect, understanding and tolerance to people who have different cultures.

The challenge of exchanging experience with other schools in Europe will help them to recognize their community spirit and skills and it will make richer their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship for better integrating in multiple European unity.

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