Provence Formation – France

The “lycée Marie Gasquet” is in a town called Marseille located in the eastern area “St Barnabé”, which is a typical borough with residential and council housings. This is a very pleasant commercial place with different shopping area and inhabitants of Mediterranean origin and culture Our students’ families are mainly of underprivileged socio economic background and a lot of our older students have a part-time job to help their parents.

We have four hundred and fifty, 15-20 year-old students who can choose between four complementary vocational and technological sections which are: Sales, Accountancy, Social and Health, Lab. Technologies.

We prepare them at different national graduations like: NVQ (BEP), Vocational High School Diploma (BAC PRO) and Vocational Training Certificate (“BTS”).
Included in their degree they have several training periods in companies and for our European students in Sales, they have the opportunity to perform a 4-week period in Malta or Portsmouth in England with a Leonardo Mobility project. They will be assessed according to both professional and adaptability criteria.

With several projects such as LEONARDO MOBILITY, COMENIUS, our High school is completely involved in European projects to prepare our student for their future career.
« Open up to the world and to everybody” is one of our main purpose and our prospect which are included in the “lycée’s main projects”. Thanks to all this, our students will have the opportunity to add the international grade on their diploma.

We hope that all these projects will help us to struggle against the problems we have faced for some years: lack of motivation for studies, absenteeism, early school leaving.
Sharing a common project with other European students is a good way to motivate them, to help them overcome their weak points and to prepare them to get a job.
So It is definitely important for us to get involved in this new Erasmus+ project: sharing cultures, habits, new way of life will help us to build our students’ European identity by discovering other professional and educational practices and to help them improve their language skills and stimulate them in their studies.

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